Hair Fall Solutions in Hindi Home Remedies

Hair fall solutions in Hindi are available in the page. If you are worried because of hair fall then lock hair falling at home. Our ancestors used this formula by years. This is not sure but some people used below remedies and control hair loss. Eggs, Onion, Coconut, Curd and Fenugreek which is always available at kitchen help to prevent hair loss and hair re-growth. Some home remedies are following.

Use of Fenugreek for control hair fall

Fenugreek is available at every home. How to prevent hair fall naturally by Fenugreek?  Question is comes in mind. You can use Fenugreek seeds (Methi) for control hair loss. And hair growth. Fenugreek contain ample of protein and nicotinic acid. It helps to strengthen and growth of hairs.

Hair Fall Solutions in Hindi

So first of all, take Fenugreek seeds (Methi) and soak it with water for overnight. In the morning grind it well. Now apply this paste to hairs and scalp. Keep it as it is for half an hour. After half an hour wash with clean water. Do not use any shampoo or soap to wash it. Use this remedy for two or three times in a week.

Use of Curd for control hair fall

Curd is a home remedy for hair growth. Curd is helpful for hair growth.  Take a cup of Curd and apply to the scalp before bath. Keep it for half hour. After that wash hairs with water.  Use this tip every morning. You will see your hairs shining and healthy.

White eggs for hair fall Solution

Hens White egg is one of the best remedies for hair growth. White eggs contain rich protein and vitamin. Lack of proteins and vitamins is the main reason of hair loss.  It is very effective remedy for gaining hair growths. Take two or three eggs and partition the white and yellow part. Use white egg in to the scalp.  Clean it with water after an hour. Use it once in a week. It is white hair problem solution.

Hair Fall Solutions in Hindi

Aloe Vera for hair fall control

Aloe Vera gel is also help to prevent hair fall. Take aloe Vera gel, you may use fresh gel from Aloe Vera plant or it is available in the market. Apply this gel to the hairs and scalp. Keep it for half an hour or one hour. Use treatment for two or three time in a week.  It cleans dandruff and strengthens to the hairs. You will see the effective result by Aloe Vera.

Coconut Milk for hair growth

Coconut is a remedy, you can use at home. It contains proteins.  It also helps to control in hair fall and re-growth of hairs. Take a coconut and grind it. Take out milk from coconut paste. Apply it in to hairs and scalp. Leave it for thirty minutes.  Wash it by shampoo. It is useful remedy for straighten hair and re-growth.

Onion a home remedy for hair loss

Onion is available in all kitchens. Now you think that how to it control hair fall. Onion contain ample of sulfur. One reason of Hair loss is blood circulation. If blood circulation is not proper hair fall starts.  So make onion juice by grind onion. Apply this onion juice to the scalp for half hour.  Wash it with water clearly. Use this remedy for two or three times in week. It improves blood circulation and prevents hair loss.

In the above article we share Hair fall solutions in Hindi. Therefore apply on hairs. We advised that if above remedies are not working then treatment from doctor.