Hair Fall Causes In Female

There is lots of hair fall causes in female. Female body hormone changes much time. These changes are the reason behind hair loss in females. Some bad habits are cause of this problem. We share some reasons. These are general cause of hair loss.  Read the post and if you match the reason, take hair treatment.

Hair Fall Causes In Female

Bad Lifestyle:

It is seen that use of colours on the hairs is cause of hair fall. In hair color chemical is used which is harmful. Changing hair style many times by use of hair iron may damage your hair. Hairstyle machine gel, sprays and chemical shampoo can damage the hair and hairs will weak. Use comb on hairs after bath is one reason of hair falling. Tight comb fall lots of hairs. Use of multi type hair oil is not good for hair. So care your hair and lock hair fall.


Pollution is another reason to begin hair fall Pollution is everywhere. Our hairs contact with fuels and dust.  It can be reason behind hair loss in Female and men.


Anemia is a reason of hair fall. Because of improper diet and daily activities anemia take place. Anemia patient has lack oxygen in the body. When oxygen not reaches on the hair root hair became weak. Result is hair fall.

Hair Fall Causes In Female

Hair Fall Causes


Child Birth

After delivery hormones changes that cause hair fall in women. So after child birth few women’s face the hair problem. But hair gain starts and re growth one or two months later.

Anxiety: Today’s life is full of anxiety. Due to modern life we have many tensions. Because of lots of work and less time all day depend on fast food. It effect on the body and anxiety occurs. Hair fall is occurred by anxiety.

Lack of Proteins:

When we do not take essential protein in food, proteins lack in our body. Hairs need vitamin E, Vitamin C and protein to be healthy. Vitamin B and A is also needed for hairs. If these lack in our body the hairs damages and falls. So take these nutrients and prevent hair loss.


For fitness many people use dieting. In dieting we not take essential nutrients.  Man and woman less the food and depend on juice and salads. Only juice or salads has no all vitamins and protein which need to us. This may cause hair loss.

Thyroid hair loss:

Thyroid hair loss


Thyroid is one of the reasons of hair fall. Thyroid patients always suffer from secreting triiodothyronine and thyroxine hormones. Tiredness, quick fatness and weakness are common issues of Thyroid. Due to these changes in body hair falling starts. So if you are in hair problem then go to doctor and check Thyroid.


It is seen that who’s ancient or parents suffered from hair fall their next generation also face this problem. This is called hereditary problems.


The one more cause of hair loss is Dandruff. We see that lots of men and female has Dandruff problem. Due to dryness the scalp damage the hair fall begins. Use good shampoo and conditioner.  Drink 5 – 8 glass water in a day.

So the reasons described above. You can see the home remedies and tips also on the next post. Read blog for hare care.

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